Me & My Art

A Lifelong Endeavor

Lori Ann Munoz - Artist


I have been "creating" as long as I can remember.  It's in my blood. 


My mother is a gifted artist and my father is a talented musician.  Whether writing, playing instruments, drawing, sculpting, painting, animating or throwing every skill in my tool box at a project for school, work or to entertain the children in my life, creativity has been a constant.  Call me artsy


Despite my best efforts to deny it, I've come to accept that a central malady "artsy" people have in common is focus.  Mine is constantly being pulled in many directions, split by various interests and weighed down by the inability to pick just one modality of expression that I love above all others.  I love them all.  The truth, however, is that each medium and method I enjoy allows for a different part of me to have its say, and as those close to me can attest, it's noisy in here and there are many mes itching for release.


As with nearly everyone else in the world, I need to keep food on the table, so I have sublimated my creativity into my work over the course of my life.  My eye for detail, pattern recognition and ability to see and manipulate layers - along with a winning personality (cut to big smile with single sparkle on tooth) - has afforded me decades of leadership success in business.  In many ways, it allows another side of me a means of expression.  Even though I work in marketing, it is nevertheless "work."  Although I love numerous aspects of my 9 - 5, it is nevertheless a 9-to-5: aka - a huge time and energy vampire that has shackled me with golden handcuffs and kept me from embracing my true creative self.  

Fortunately for me, I have been blessed with the love of a good woman.  Through her persistent encouragement and relentless spirit, I have returned to MY CREATIONS yet again.  Whether it's maturity or timing, I've fallen in love with both of them like never before.  As my life has ebbed and flowed, and regardless of where I have found myself, I always return to creating art.  This time around, however, a well spring of pent up creative hunger has been unleashed and it is exhilarating!  I cannot say how long this wave will last, but I am loving the ride. 


I hope that you enjoy my creations as much as I do.  Thank you for joining me on my wonderful journey. 

Creating for a Cause


10% of each $100+ piece sold is donated to charity!


Like many of you, I want to give back. I believe that together we can build up our community. Instead of just "pretty" works that delight the eye, I want my works to do more. There's a purpose beyond the aesthetic! So, purchase one of My Creations and select from 1 of 6 organizations that will receive your 10% contribution. 

I will gladly donate your 10% to: 

  • St. Jude's
  • PlannedParenthood
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • WoundedWarriorProject
  • NoKidHungry

View My Creations, find the piece you’re interested, or contact me about a commission, and let’s get started!